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Problem #18 Augmenting the Deaf, to respond to a Honk or Cry

Deaf People are not allowed to drive in India. In the west and in a lot of other countries they are, but in a country like India, traffic is dictated by Honks (and loud Honks at that) and since Deaf people cannot respond to a honk, they are considered unsafe on roads.

There is also another scenario. Dhruv Lakra of Mirakle Couriers tells us that deaf people when they give birth to a child face the most challenging of moments. They dont go to sleep - apparently they always stay close to the child because its impossible for them to know when the child is crying. Imagine that!

Problem Stated by : Dhruv Lakra, Mirakle Couriers

Solution: One way to do it would be to give a bracelet of sorts, that will vibrate when it hears a noise, or a honk so that the mother, the driver, whoever it is can know that there is something going on around them. If a deaf person can feel a honk and respond, imagine if, they can be allowed to drive!

 A design team has even made sketches here.