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Problem #17: Something Better than Websites.

So you can have the best A/B tested site on the Planet. You can optimize conversion for a subgroup of people. You can follow the methodologies of going for vast and enormous amounts of data, optimize for the early adopters, or give the testimonials way of doing things to convert. But you cannot escape the lazy bag. No matter what you do, and how much elaborate information you give on the website, if there is a phone number on the site, you will get a call, and the question that will make Troll Face, Bleed!

"So, what do you guys do?"

How would you solve the problem.

I'd imagine this is a edge audience case, most of them might not even be your target audience, if your copy is right. In which case, you might want to educate them, low cost, just so that you are building your long tail of customers who are in no way immediate. 

Question: Whats the solution?