The Story
How In50hrs Came to Be.

Like most things, In50hrs had rather humble beginnings. The site put together initially was no more than a Google Site, and Google Forms that took attendee registration and collected payments at the venue. The First ever event we did, was all put together in a venue that we had taken over, just a few hours before the event - which is the present site office of The Startup Centre.

Today, as of 2013 March, In50hrs has done close to 14 Editions of Events across four cities - Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune and is looking to expand into some other cities as well - the first of which is Trivandrum, Kerala.

Before we forgot the story, we decided we had to put this page in place, so that History is not forgotten. Here it goes:

The Team behind the First Edition of In50hrs (25th March 2011), were Dorai Thodla, Suresh Sambandam and Vijay Anand. There were quite a few others who helped out significantly - namely Shri Krishna, Senthil Nayagam, Asif Ali, Siddhartha Govindaraj etc. The Event was conceived and executed in Chennai.

We had approached one of the well known global Events just before we kickstarted this initiative, and having worked closely with the ecosystem we realized two things were crucial - to keep the cost of such an event very very low, given that most of these teams will not get it right the first time and building tech startups are an experimental process (and students are a big part of the ecosystem). Secondly, the process has to be intricately tied into what is available and works in India. It can't be a hackathon, it has to be a prototyping event and there is a difference. The Globalized nature of the brand allowed for very little local adaptations, and hence In50hrs was born - and continues to exist.

Effective Communities and support systems are built locally, and not globally.

We believe it is a crucial piece in the Startup Ecosystem - in teaching people how to prototype, and in connecting Entrepreneurs in the community to give back (as early as them seeing product-market fit) so that the next crop of entrepreneurs are learning from their peers. Most of all, it nudges people to act rather than sitting on their idea, and learn a skill or two along the way.

In50hrs is a community effort, and will always stay that way.