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Problem #19: Klout for Retail Shoppers

I have been thinking of a way to phrase this problem statement and the best I could think about is Klout + Retail Shoppers.

So, Let me describe my scenario: Till Apple came along, Sony owned my purse. I have enough gadgets from them and i truly loved that company (till they messed up the Vaio). Disgressions aside, I am a proud owner of several Sony devices, including a PS3, Televisions, some audio equipment etc. I do stop by the store from time to time to pick up new PS3 titles. But despite all this, whenever i walk to any Sony store, they treat me like the chances of me buying anything are very low.

I dont blame them, they are facing far too many window shoppers. In fact, most of the retail outlets for brands, meet window shoppers than serious shoppers. While the early storekeepers and aids are alert and willing to help the first few that walk in, soon enough they realize that there are more window shoppers and they ignore everyone in mass.

If I walk into a retail store, which is a brand, and i am a previous customers, I do expect, and demand some better attention - for the sake of the brand surviving, and in building an experience.

Is there a way there can be a system that can alert, identify a store keeper when a customer walks in - with history. Over a period if time, like Discus (that identified real commenters vs spammers), the system can also show me potentials (if I am the showroom owner of an Audi and someone who owns a Car whose aspirational category is an Audi, then it will alert me accordingly, so that the sales representative would know what to upsell the customer) and ignore the maruti owner.

 - @vijayanands