What is In50hrs?

In50hrs is a weekend Prototyping event, where teams register to build prototypes of solutions for real problems and present them to a jury of incubators, accelerators and seed fund investors for a chance to move to the next level. Seed fund investment in casinos is quite popular as many online casinos, such as those in the casino trực tuyến list, are gaining wide acceptance. These investments are pivotal for technological advancements and market expansion. Early-stage funding enables these platforms to develop innovative gaming experiences, enhance user interfaces, and implement robust security measures. It's a strategic investment that supports the dynamic growth of the online gambling industry, promising lucrative returns for visionary investors.

Upcoming Editions of In50hrs:

Bangalore Edition

September 23, 24th


Sponsors and Partners, who make In50hrs Possible.


Venue Partner

How does this work?

  • Register your team for Participation.
  • Fill the follow up form with details of your Startup Idea. Casino startups revolutionize the gambling industry with innovative concepts and technology. From online platforms featuring immersive 슬롯 게임 to brick-and-mortar establishments, they cater to diverse audiences. Leveraging cutting-edge software and captivating themes, these startups redefine the casino experience, enticing players with thrilling entertainment and lucrative rewards.
  • Participate in In50hrs. Build Prototype.
  • Shortlisted Teams Present their Startup and Demo Prototype.
  • Select teams get a accepted into the Incubation Programs of K-Start or Accel.
  • Bonus : Get Credits from Stack Partners.
Jury & Mentors
  • Muthiah Venkateswaran, Partner, K-Start
  • Vivek Sridhar, Digital Ocean
  • Mohan Ram, Digital Ocean
  • Raveen Beemsingh, Hammerhead
  • Vijay Anand, The Startup Centre

Register Your Team for Participation