What is In50hrs?

In50hrs is a weekend Prototyping event, where teams register to build prototypes of solutions for real problems and present them to a jury of incubators, accelerators and seed fund investors for a chance to move to the next level.

Upcoming Editions of In50hrs:

Bangalore Edition

September 23, 24th


Sponsors and Partners, who make In50hrs Possible.


Venue Partner

How does this work?

  • Register your team for Participation.
  • Fill the follow up form with details of your Startup Idea.
  • Participate in In50hrs. Build Prototype.
  • Shortlisted Teams Present their Startup and Demo Prototype.
  • Select teams get a accepted into the Incubation Programs of K-Start or Accel.
  • Bonus : Get Credits from Stack Partners.
Jury & Mentors
  • Muthiah Venkateswaran, Partner, K-Start
  • Vivek Sridhar, Digital Ocean
  • Mohan Ram, Digital Ocean
  • Raveen Beemsingh, Hammerhead
  • Vijay Anand, The Startup Centre

Register Your Team for Participation