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Problem #22 : Smart Taps for Apartment and Business Complexes

Atleast Once a month, either in my office or residential complex this scenario plays out. Thanks to overcrowded cities, we are no longer reliant on ground water, but buy water that is delivered via tankers. Atleast once a month, both the overhead tanks would deplete and it would be a few hours before the water load is delivered. Guess what, everyone opens their taps, sees water is not coming - and then leaves it open. Worse, they head to office.

Almost every time, when we run one of those dry tank incidents, it takes atleast twice the load to keep the water supply running. The problem - someone has left their tap open, and hence whatever is being pumped into overheads is depleting fast - even knowing that, there is no way to stop it, because if you withhold water, you have a lot of other angry residents.

The same scenario has been playing out in our office complex as well - one office left the bathroom tap open during the weekend, and not only did we lose water, but it also flooded a floor, leading to seepage to the floor below.

Point in case: Pretty serious case. and it seems to be happening a lot - maybe just for me.

I was wondering why there couldnt be a smart tap. an additional connector that fits on taps like this accessory, which gets powered and can be used to shut off all the taps (centrally), before filling overhead tanks.