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Problem #21: Improving the Hospital Discharge Process

Livemint, in an article dated Jan 29, 2013 states that "Discharge from Hospitals is one of the most inefficient processes".

"Discharge from hospital is one of the most inefficient processes I have seen. It probably causes as much trauma as the medical treatment itself. Matters become worse in cashless settlement. The actual hospital bill is often higher than the pre-approved amount and getting approval for the incremental money takes time. There are three places where delays happen: The hospital itself may have a complicated process and may not have addressed the queries of third party administrator (TPA); the TPA may not have acted on the reports in time; or the insurer may not have given the final approval to the TPA. This system is gradually improving as hospitals clean up their internal processes and insurers are in-sourcing their TPAs."

It is clearly not in the interest of the Hospital to be levying this inconvenience on their patients / customers. Can there be a solution that can help both parties in this aspect?