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Problem #25: Due Diligence on Entrepreneurial teams

Increasingly we will see that with the number of ventures climbing up, due diligence will become harder to do efficiently.

We envisage that platforms like AngelList Syndicates and Crowdfunding platforms will further and further step into the terroritory of that which was one reserved for VCs and Super Angels. But how do you do due diligence on a team that is taking small contributions, adding up to a lot?

These teams would still go on to raise venture capital, just at a higher amount - Series Bs might become the new Series As, but the processes that go into the DD process, also need to evolve accordingly.

Since the platform evolving is global - "you can raise money from anywhere in the world for anything", the world will be in need of a platform that can also do due diligence in a scalable, and geographically scaleable way.