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Problem #14: Where are You now?

Do you know what the number one conversation in most mobile phones in any social setting - be it shopping malls or cineplexes are? "Where are you now?". Lattitude did try to solve this problem, though the app was buggy by most standards and never quite took off, but an app that does track users and shows you a beep when the person you are waiting for is close by, executed well, would be brilliant.

The other big problem that I have. A bunch of friends meet, we all come in different vehicles and we decide to go somewhere and all through the way we are stopping, waiting, and trying to get the party moving. Would be awesome if we can all jump bump phones, create a temporary sync, and everybody would get a map where they can track where the rest of the folks are. Trekking, Pub Hopping, or going for long drives, it would be the perfect way to keep everyone on a map.

Problem by: Vijay Anand