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Problem #7: Pay as you go Audio Conference Bridges

I am a startup. Once a while, we do require conference bridges that I'd like to share with clients or stakeholders to do meets - instead of asking the other party to host each time (gets awkward). Free services like SabseBolo have horrible audio quality and sending a sabsebolo number is an euphemism for being cheap, at this point (might as well to pick up the client in an Auto).

On the other hand, there is no way to get a conference bridge, without paying for a month, and the services are rather expensive. There is no way to sign up for a service without going through the process of a business service sale - of getting a quote, and issuing a purchase order, when like AWS the service can be paid for, and setup  on the fly, it would be a dream.


Problem Identified by: Vijay Anand