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Problem #5 Online MicroPayments

Why can't someone purchase a newspaper, or a book online at Rs.10 or Lower via a two click purchase option - without having to enter personal details etc and have a frictionless transaction?

Problem Identified By: Gaurav Bhatnagar


Problem #4 Semantic Search Engine

Remember those times when a word gets stuck in your head?

You know its cylindrical, its from a movie, it has encryption on it, and it is used for safekeeping of ancient documents - which if you try to break open will destroy the contents. Well try entering that description into google. It wont tell you the answer is a ... Cryptex. (or Caesar's box).


Problem Defined by: Vijay Anand


Problem #3 Virtual Thank you

The web is full of strangers doing strangers favors - with information, with discovery, and some even go as far as helping others apply for colleges and foot their bill. Well, wouldnt it be nice if there was a way to say thank you? It would be awesome to be able to buy someone a beer, even if they are on the other side of the world, in their favourite pub!


Problem Defined by Vijay Anand


Problem #2: Fraudulent Resumes

Majority of the resumes that Companies in India Receive have fradulent Information. Human Resource departments, rarely, if at all have the time and the resources to validate most of these claims.


Problem Defined by Subbu Murugan, VentunoTech



Problem #1: Securing our Children on Social Networks

It is increasingly common for Children to want to get a Social network account for their teenage birthday. But with the whole world being on the web, unmonitored usage of Social networks can prove as dangerous as walking into a Carnival and letting your child run where they want to.


1. No Matter what is said, Children will find a way to get online

2. Parents do not have time to sit and monitor through every interaction of their kids - especially of strangers with the kids

Suggested Category: Web / Mobile

Stage: Problem

Problem Defined by Subbu Murugan, Ventunotech

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