Prototype at In50hrs Edition X

What is In50hrs Edition X?

In50hrs is a structured prototyping event that started in Chennai in 2011 and has been conducted over 75 times in 8 cities in India. The event is spread over a weekend (over approximately 50 hours) during which teams make their pitches, form teams and building prototypes of their product ideas.

In50hrs Edition X is an effort to take that event online so that participants from anywhere can be part of it. The event starts on a Friday at 3pm and goes on till Sunday 5pm.

When is the next Edition scheduled?

We are planning to host an Edition X, once a quarter. We will announce the dates soon.

How does it work?

The goal of the 50 hours is to offer a structured framework and support helping you (and your team) build a prototype. These are the steps that follow:

  • Pick a validated Problem statement that is open for ideation that you are keen to solve
  • Go through the solutions that are proposed (if any)
    • If you are not quite convinced about any of them, propose your own unique solution
  • Think one of the solutions proposed is on the dot? You can send a request to join the team. Who knows, you might even find your cofounder!
  • Once your teams are formed (min 2 and max of 4), the team is registered for participation
  • Brainstorm. Define your assumptions. Define the prototype you want to build
  • In50hrs Begins - teams update progress along the way
  • Before the 50 hours is over, your team will submit the prototype built during the event - via a link in a prescribed format
  • The prototypes will be tested and voted (by the community) and some invited jurors
  • Winners are announced

What are the deadlines?

  • Submit Problem Statements for Validation
  • Final Voting Count ends
  • Team formation and registration ends
  • Define the prototype to build

How can I Participate?

What are the prizes?

1st Prize : Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Board + Google Cardboard VR (One for each of the team members)
2nd Prize : Google Cardboard VR (One for each of the team members)
3rd Prize : 1 Year Hosting Credit with E2E Networks

Frequently asked Questions

How many solutions can we propose for each validated problem statement?

You will notice that some of these problem statements are by nature abstracted by one level. You can propose multiple solutions to the same problem - if you are tackling a different segment specific solution, or if your solution is of a different type. Similar solutions will be grouped together to form one team.

Take the example of Breathing air in cities, one team might propose a solution to measure breathing air inside rooms using a hardware device, while another might build a purifier, while another can suggest plants and ways to improve air quality, while another can think about solutions for breathing air while on the move.

Who owns the code that comes out, at the end of the prototype?

We’d like to keep it simple. The code belongs to the entire team that worked on building the prototype.

How many make a team?

You need a min of 2 and a max of 4 to make a team

Have any other questions? Feel free to ask via the chat button on your right.

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