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  • Ecommerce conversion rates depend on quality of images and product descriptions. As more and more traditional sellers come online,… in Product Image Repository for e-Commerce channels 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • Food adulteration is apparently a global problem. India is not exception. A lot of processes in food related establishments and… in Adulteration in / Fake edible products 2 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • I have seen that in Hyderabad, entire apartment buildings are given out to run schools. So, thats one more avenue… in Revenue generation from non-rented properties 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • This is a perennial problem. Solutions like stackoverflow go only so far. Sometimes, you have to explain verbally or show… in Getting help from expert developers 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • Vijay, Drones have uses in a slightly different purpose. Apparently, a lot of farmers stay far away from their fields… in Modernising Small Scale Farming / Agriculture 0 Upvote(s) 5 Downvote(s)
  • This is a topic very dear to me. Unfortunately, the discussion here miss a key component. Govt and Police. I… in Reducing Traffic Accidents on the Road 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • I think what Shyam meant is that he wants to play with various scenarios. Most calculators do not do this. in Managing Long term Loans 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • I think it is a real problem to solve. In coming days, all companies will have offline and online… in Finding products at offline Stores. 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • Interesting. Can you comment on how much it improved the accuracy or prediction? in Pre-Evaluating Movies before Release 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • I believe this was the original motivation for whatsapp app but they added other features on top of it. So,… in Location Tracker for Trekkers and Cyclists 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • For the purposes of this thread, aam-admi is average online shopper! I have not seen anyone use a service to… in Tracking Refunds and Rebates 1 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • This is definitely a problem worth solving. How about we expand this, in general, to people with disabilities. For example,… in Improving the life of Deaf People 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • Thanks Vijay. Thats a fantastic explanation of where one should begin. I hope to use it down the line. From… in Governance 2.0 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • Vijay, Any way we can start building a list of softwares used in various Govt offices in India? in Governance 2.0 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • What I find lacking from any discussion of what governments should do is the perspective of people already in government,… in Governance 2.0 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • W.r.t income tax refunds, I think a service which gives people regular updates like x% of people already got in… in Tracking Refunds and Rebates 0 Upvote(s) 1 Downvote(s)


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