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I am a Marketeer with a keen interest in solving problems in the Education spectrum.

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  • I think, Svaad ( http://www.svaad.com/ ) is trying solve this problem. Not sure how its going though. in Deciding what to eat in restaurants 1 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • Check this board game which has been created to simplify the geometry concepts. http://www.kitki.in/maths-board-game-geometry. I think… in Making Maths fun to learn 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • check https://theporter.in/ which raised a round of funding from Sequoia Capital in Simplify Hire of Trucks for Companies 2 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • I think the main problem is with the Indian parents mind set. They don't want their child to struggle. As… in (re)training Engineering Graduates 2 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)


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