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  • A problem I have noticed for which I have still not found a solution is the number of bottles of… in Recycling Plastic Waste (or) Upcycling it 4 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • The live tracking of the train is still not accurate enough. It is based on the arrival and departure of… in Location Based Alarm System 1 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • Hey Guys, I am working in a company which is into solving this problem. www.tempogo.com We do inter and intra… in Simplify Hire of Trucks for Companies 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • I would also like to point out one more feature provided by the banks which usually doesn't end up being… in Managing Long term Loans 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • An Indian wedding is one of the most entertaining place to be. And there are various problems that are observed.… in Wedding Planning in Modern India 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • There are various passengers who just want the cheapest ticket and do not care for the in flight meals, check… in Airline luggage Allowance Limitation 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • #Observation I would like to make an example for such a payment. It is not confined to events or classes… in Tracking Recurring but Infrequent Payments 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • Talking from the point of view of customers, the customer looks at the loan as a liability, and want to… in Managing Long term Loans 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • Why just concentrate on the deaf people, we can take the handicap community and train them for jobs they will… in Improving the life of Deaf People 0 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)
  • A great problem statement. Considering that I work in a retail loans department of the bank, a situation I have… in Managing Long term Loans 4 Upvote(s) 0 Downvote(s)


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